Avoid spending your last coin paying “professionals” to format your CV. I can send you an editable format of ATS compliant CV for free plus free guide to write authentic CV. Save your cash for transport and other important stuff. I wonder why a job seeker who even struggles to put food on the table should be compelled to pay money they don’t have to get their CV formatted. Doesn’t add up!

We can’t get rich by taking advantage of other people’s vulnerability. With the ever increasing complexity of job search, some individuals have taken advantage in the name of ” professional CV writers, ” well, I know it’s their way of making money and it’s okay as an income generating activity.

However, they don’t care about you as applicant, they need your money. The truth is, there is merely 20% chances that you can land a job due to the beauty of your CV format. 50% of your employability comes because the real skills an employer is looking for are expressed in your CV, format notwithstanding, 20% will give you job because you actually demonstrated those skills in the interview and 10% will hire you because they wanted to hire you anyway ( attitude). An employer who doesn’t want you will leave you regardless of your good or bad CV format. That’s the bitter reality on ground.

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