Grace Holdings provides a comprehensive HR/IR solution for your on-site personnel requirements ensuring a stable, productive and cost effective workforce on projects/assignments.

Grace Holdings acknowledges the  involvement of it employees on all levels encompassing initial employment, training, social responsibility and all other aspects of their lives that will result in a productive, stable and cost effective workforce. What VALUE can Grace Holdings add to your Organisation

The cost of mis-hire can amounts to as much as 1.5 times the annual package for that position. In a sale strategy position like this can be much higher when factors such as loss to customer, goodwill, market share, loss in profitability and proactive leadership is taken into account.

Risk Management In recent, scandals involving prominent people who claimed to have qualifications from all sorts of institutions which in fact these people do not have these qualifications. Grace Holdings uses the services and expertise of ID and Veri Source to verify these qualification, reference checking and related risks. Foreign qualification are referred to Human Science Research Council and South African Qualifications Authority to have the qualifications evaluated and rated.